Pelvic Ultrasound Gynaecology

Written referral by GP or consultants

The examination radiologist must check the identity of the patient immediately prior to the scan.

The scan will enable the radiologist to see internal organs of the body like the uterus ovaries and adjacent areas7.

A full bladder is required before the scan and the patient should drink 1.5 litres of fluid 2 hrs leading uo to their appointment

Clean tidy room with couch roll ultrasound gel and gloves

Patient is lying supine on table, ultrasound gel is placed on patient body and probe is then used to scan lower abdomen.

The scan takes 15-20 minutes, the probe is cleaned and disinfected after the scan and before reuse

The patient is told the scan is finished and given tissues to clean themselves and then helped down from the table.  Washing facilities are made available .  No other special aftercare is needed.

Scan findings are communicated with the patient and the report will be faxed to the GP the next working day.

Pelvic Gynaecology

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