Blue Arrow Training

At LMDS we are committed to continuous development for all our staff. We have teamed up with Blue Arrow Training ad Development to deliver regular in-house training complemented with a wide range of e-learning, mentoring and continuous development opportunities.

We empower all staff to take control of their own career, and offer the learning opportunities needed to enhance their skills and realise aspirations

CPR Training for all Staff at the Training Centre

Lakeside Diagnostics ensures every member of staff has CPR lifesaving skills through company-wide training.

Equipping all employees with the confidence to deal with a CPR situation at work or home in the future, the instructor began the programme by training the executive team and the admin/clinical staff during the session.

The instructor provided lifesaving instruction to every employee within the business; taking an interactive approach in demonstrating how to perform emergency CPR for adults and AED instruction, using simple but engaging tuition.


CPR trainingCPR trainingCPR Training

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