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Ultrasound scans use high-frequency sound waves to capture the appearance of organs, tissues and vessels and to detect abnormal masses. LMDS focused on high-quality Ultrasound Diagnostics services in different fields.  Ultrasound imaging of internal organs such as kidneys, pancreas, the thyroid gland and ovaries, abdominal, lumps and bumps, lover Limb DVT, Pelvic Gynaecology.

Lakeside medical Diagnostics provides high-quality Ultrasound Diagnostics services.  Lakeside medical is a  world-class Ultrasound Diagnostics centre designed for the needs of patients.   NHS accredited consultant lead service.  It is focused on high-quality services to patients.   An ultrasound scan is a procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves capture images inside the body. It detects internal body structure and measures some characteristics.

Ultrasound scan

NHS Consultant-led

Ultrasound scan
Ultrasound Scan

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Ultrasound scan

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Ultrasound scan

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The service received positive patient feedback with comments such as how kind, efficient and caring staff were.

Key Persons

Harish Nagraj- Ultrasound Scan
Dr. Harish Nagraj MBBS, MRCP, FRCR

Specializes in musculoskeletal and sports imaging, spinal imaging and musculoskeletal interventions. Performs diagnostic musculoskeletal and general ultrasound imaging at Lakeside Medical Diagnostic service.

Lorraine west
Lorraine West

I lead the integrated care team, ensuring that the service provided is a consistently high standard. I ensure that all practices within the centre are in line with current legislation, practice standards. I embrace and pursue opportunities for improving the quality, innovation and development of our services.

Dr.s. Sampath kumar
Dr. S. Sampath Kumar MD, FRCA.

Liaise with other managers and staff throughout the organisation to ensure that the quality management system is functioning properly. Where appropriate, advise on changes and how to implement them and provide training, tools and techniques to all staff to achieve quality standards.

Peter Case-Upton
Peter Case-Upton CEng, MIET, MSIRM

Peter has extensive experiencing in governance, data protection and data analysis within a health and social care setting. He has also managed many healthcare related programmes and Projects and has a comprehensive understanding of complex risk management.

Adilys Martinez
Dr. Adilys Ramirez MD

I am a meticulous Sonography veteran with a stellar career encompassing over 16 years, with skills in performing diagnostic ultrasounds on patients in an ethical and professional manner. I possess advanced skills in performing and interpreting a wide range of ultrasound examinations, including OB/GYN, General, Small Parts and Vascular Ultrasound.

What happens in an Ultrasound scan?

A simple video illustrating what you can expect when you go for an ultrasound scan.

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Ultrasound Scan

What our Patients Are Saying

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Mocca Bocca Locca

You can never ever get such treatment and respect anywhere else. Lakeside Medical Diagnostics know what to do when to do, how to look after people and how to make it easy for us. They have problems with their phone line, but they will get through to you as they did to me. The ultrasound was done. Waiting time is very less. Looked after me very well. Will recommend to all.

Ole Blue

All in all, this I have found to be one of the best places to be scanned, easy to get to although the road signage could be better unless you know where the healthcare centre is at Purfleet. Would I recommend it most definitely, you certainly couldn’t do any better anywhere else in my opinion.


Two days ago I had ultrasound scan. Staff was very nice and friendly, I felt comfortable. They explain to me what they doing and they asked me if I’m ok with that. The room and medical equipment was clean.

Careful consideration in an intrusive area, friendly and made to feel comfortable. Calm setting and felt the space was very clean. Highly recommended. Professional service.

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